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About Us

At The Packard Group we are innovation experts led by Dr. Josh Packard.  We construct tailored organizational strategies that drive innovation and repeatable success by using a unique, research-driven perspective that taps into fundamental laws of human behavior.   Our focus is working with executives and managers who are tasked with driving innovation or creating organizational change.  

The basic principles that form the core of our approach are

  • The Dynamics of Discrimination in order to show how to identify and access new and emerging markets.

  • The value of Thinking Big, and Acting Small in order to make better use of limited organizational resources.

  • How Belonging Precedes Believing…and Acting in order to create organizational commitment among both employees and customers.

  • The forces that cause organizations to seek Perseverance Over Innovation in order to show sustainable pathways to constant innovation.

  • The ways that Innovation is a Form of Deviance in order to help you identify new sources of ground-breaking ideas.

  • The hidden forces of Irrational Rationality that cause companies to take small steps that lead in the wrong direction in order to keep a firm focus on core organizational mission and values.

  • The importance of Pluralism and Diversity in order to stay competitive for new talent, ideas and insights.

  • That Systems Produce Culture, not the other way around, in order to show ways of fostering an organizational culture that leads to maximum results time and again.  


We have experience working with clients in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors on a variety of projects and capacities.  If you're tired of hit and miss strategies and want an approach you can implement in your organization to drive  repeatable success for years to come then we're the right consultants for you.  

How We Deliver

We offer a variety of services to best suit client needs by creating the value that matters to their organizations.  This takes a variety of forms including executive coaching, corporate training, organizational change assessment and implementation as well as strategy development at the executive level.  We have access to a fully staffed research lab and can deliver high quality, data-driven insights and services for any size organization.  

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