Yes, that's right. The title of this blog post, the opening blog post, is a mathematical notation of Rihanna's song "Work." Kudos to you if you figured it out.

Although Rihanna is singing about, well, shoot, I actually don't know what she's singing about. I'll be writing here about actual work. Specifically, in the months to come, I'll be letting people in on my research findings around a new project I'm launching which investigates the way that institutional participation, which is on the decline in this country, is being addressed at the structural level. That is, what on earth are the actual institutions doing to compel people to join and participate like they once did?

I think here not only about voluntary and religious associations, but also about businesses and corporations as well. The nature of client and member engagement has shifted, I'm curious how institutions are responding to this shift. I've begun collecting data, and I'll be sharing insights along the way as well as keeping people up to date on where they can hear me speak and give workshops. Feel free to join in on the conversation here or contact me!

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