Faith-Based Organizations

I am the Executive Director of The Dechurched Project ( where I lead a team of researchers who explore the changing nature of faith in contemporary life.  We pioneered the first research into the Dones, those people who retain their faith and Christian identity while leaving the institutional church.  This research is profiled in Church Refugees: Sociologists Reveal Why People are DONE with Church but not their Faith


We are available to help your church or ministry think creatively about how to re-engage those who have left and keep people from becoming “done” with church.  We have worked with a number of faith-based organizations including denominations, small congregations, church planting ministries, campus ministries, pastoral training and parachurch ministries.  We’re available for workshops, consultations and speaking engagements.  Our goal is to make sure that ministries have a way of empowering and retaining their congregants to do the work of God in a modern culture.

Our recent clients include Center for Innovative Faith-Based Leadership at Belmont University, The Texas Methodist Foundation, Denver Seminary, Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, United Methodist Church, Vibrant Faith, The Neighboring Collective, The Southwest Church Planing Forum, Group Publishing and The Nines.

"Josh has spoken several times to the learning communities that I facilitate for pastors. His tremendous knowledge, combined with his inviting style, has created an engaging session that has helped our groups effectively wrestle with complex issues that their churches are facing." 
-Mike Bonem
Consultant and Coach, author of Thriving in the Second Chair

  • The Future-Forward Congregation: Simple Techniques to Creating a Dynamic and Vital Religious Organization

  • Participation, Activity, Conversation and Community: Using Research to Increase Congregational Vitality


  • Understanding the Dones: The Key to a More Vibrant Church

  • Faith Today: Leaving the Church, but not God

  • Made BY Millennials: Church in the 21st Century

  • Future Forward Pastoring


​We are available for half or full-day consultations that focus on how ministries can adopt and implement small changes that increase activity, vitality and ministry engagement.