Trust is the biggest asset that any corporation has in the 21st century.  However, the factors that drive client and customer trust have changed dramatically in recent years.  Social scientists have demonstrated a general decline in institutional trust for decades, but my research shows how this decline opens up new models and avenues to develop and regain trust.  

Keynotes and Breakouts
  • Trust: Harness the Power of Authentic Relationships to Increase Trust and Client Engagement

  • Relational Authority: How Thinking Like a Sociologist Can Help Your Company Engage Millennials in a New Era

  • Social Disruption: Revealing Business Opportunities in Places You've Been Trained to Ignore

Workshops and Trainings

Systems and Strategies

In this training, I show you and your team how to move beyond simple, surface level thinking.  We'll focus on developing the skills to see the bigger picture with an approach that emphasizes systems thinking and a strategic approach to your business. This program is perfect for company retreats or executive education sessions.

Length: Full or Half-Day


My consulting strategy draws on the practical insights of sociology and systems theory to help your company diagnose and understand how to implement strategies that lead to repeatable results, not one-off projects. Working with mid and top-level executives and entrepreneurs, I'll show you how to implement lessons about organizational success that yield opportunities most people are never exposed to.