Josh Packard, Ph.D.


I help organizations understand why their customers, clients and members have left, and what they can do to get them back.



My research-driven insights reveal opportunities in places organizations, entrepreneurs and executives have been conditioned to ignore.  As an expert in organizational commitment and design, I help you to think differently in order to drive true and lasting innovation and client engagement.

I'm a speaker and trainer for corporate and non-profit organizations, and I bring academic insights to practitioners in a way that is easy to understand and apply.  Academics often end up speaking a language that only they  comprehend, but I believe that good and useful ideas should be able to be communicated simply and plainly.


I am a sociologist, professor and researcher at the University of Northern Colorado, where I serve as the Executive Director of the Social Research Lab. I'm also the CEO of The Packard Group, a strategic innovation consulting firm. My research has appeared in numerous academic and trade publications. I earned my B.A. in English from Texas Lutheran University, and my M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology from Vanderbilt University. 


“Josh has a gift for taking the complexity out of a complicated process.”
-Connie Dieken,
President, The Dieken Group



“As a professional speaker, I get to see the gamut of speakers out there in the world. Only rarely do I happen across one as razor-sharp smart, wise and witty as Dr. Packard. I recently saw him on the mainstage of the National Speakers Association’s Influence conference and I was utterly blown away, as were 1500 participants in the audience. We were engaged, enlightened and in awe that an academic could leave us all abuzz with new thinking.”
-Scott Halford
Member National Speakers Hall of Fame
WSJ best-selling author of Activate Your Brain
"Josh’s research is an organizational game-changer. He identifies the forces behind the societal trend of intentional institutional disengagement. If you want to leverage this trend, instead of fall victim to it, you need to talk to him."
-Jeff Hurt
Executive Vice President, Velvet Chainsaw Consulting





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