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Josh Packard Ph.D.


Sociology is the study of how humans behave in groups.  While we all have our own unique personalties, the social situations, organizations and settings we find ourselves in determines how we enact, leverage and activate those personality skills and traits.  The right environment can bring out the best in a person, or the worst.  I'm a big believer that we can help people thrive and flourish by leveraging the insights from social and behavioral sciences to create winning cultures.

I have 20 years of experience studying how people make meaning in their lives. First as a professor of sociology and most recently as the Executive Director of a national research firm.  I've worked in academic, non-profit and industry to help people build cultures that are rooted in world-class research with an action first orientation.

I'm an award winning author, teacher and speaker, and I bring research-based insights to practitioners in a way that is easy to understand and apply.  I believe good and useful ideas should be able to be communicated simply and plainly.  

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